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We provide the seamless steel pipe not only including the hot rolled type for axle manufacturing, drilling, boiler, fluid transportation and other usages but also the hot expanded type.

1. Hot rolled seamless steel pipe
With the annual production of 800 thousand tons for seamless steel tube, our company has already had three complete steel tube production lines.

One is the 60ASSRL piercing machine, which mainly produces the product with the outside diameter ranging from 20 to 114mm and wall thickness of 4 to 35mm.

The second production line is 140ASSRL piercing machine, which can manufacture the product with the outside diameter of 114 to 180mm and the wall thickness of 6 to 50mm.

The third one is 325mmASSRL piercing machine, which is much bigger than the other same equipment in China and mainly used to produce the seamless steel pipe with medium and large size wall thickness. Product made by the equipment can get the outside diameter of 194 to 426mm and the wall thickness of 10 to 100mm. The accuracy of the abovementioned sizes can both be up to ±0.5%. Designed with mandrel pre-piercing and retained minor cycle, this equipment has reached the international advanced level by taking automation system controlled by three-level computer.

The steel grade of the hot rolled product involves in A573M, A284M, A709M, A106-A, A106-B, A285MGr.B, A210-C, 1045, 1022, 1024, 1039, 4130, 5140, St37, St35.8, St42, St45-4, St52, 42CrMo4, 20MnV6, STS38, 42CrMo4 (1.7225), S28C, STS42, S45C, STS49, SCM440, SCr22, S45C, SMn438, Smn443, SCr415, SMn433H, etc.

2. Hot expanded steel pipe
The hot expanding is a kind of shell finish rolling process by using skew rolling or drawing to expand the diameter of tube. It can change the outside diameter and wall thickness in a short period of time. This production method has being a development trend of international tube rolling area. By using hot expanding process, we can produce nonstandard type and special model type seamless tube with low cost and high production efficiency.

Our company mainly produces the hot expanded steel pipe with outside diameter and wall thickness ranging from 219 to 1440mm and 6 to 60mm respectively. Meanwhile, we can produce the product with special model according to customers' needs. To assure smooth and nondestructive inner surface of the product, we have the advanced automatic natural gas high temperature annealing furnace, the annealing temperature of which has been up to 1000ºC. This equipment can eliminate the internal stress during the production process completely. In addition, we also have the advanced array roll type tube-making and size reducing equipment. The hydrostatic testing process has been changed to 100% hydrostatic conventional process with the pressure not less than 60kg.

The hot expanded steel pipe is generally used as the pipeline for fluid transportation with low and medium pressure, gas transportation, water supply, sewage disposal, air conditioner and firefighting. Furthermore, it can also be employed in construction engineering and chemical engineering to be used as structural tube for piling and the construction of bridge, wharf, road, etc.

Our company has been approved by the certification of ISO9001:2001, API, ABS, KR and CCS. We have six sets of nondestructive testing equipment, whole set of metallographic testing machine, physical and chemical instruments, WE-1000A hydraulic universal testing machine, Rockwell Hardness Tester and so on. All our advanced testing equipment assures high quality of our products.

We have won the praise from the steel tube industries at home and abroad for our advanced production process, excellent product quality, wide range of product classification and meticulous service.

As a China-based hot rolled seamless steel pipe manufacturer, Liaocheng Yaxinda Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd. offers a broad range of products, including cold drawn seamless boiler tube, line pipe, telescopic cylinder, cold rolled welded precision tube, among others.

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