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Name and Executive Standard Standard Steel Material or Steel Grade
Steels for general structure
(ISO 630)
E185 E235-A E235-B E235-C E235-D E275-A E275-B E275-C E275-D E355-C
E355-D E185 E235 E275 E355
High strength low alloy steel and weathering steel
(ISO 4950/2)
E355 E460
(ISO 4950/3 ) E 460 E 550 E 690
(ISO 4952 ) Fe235W Fe355W
Surface hardened steel(ISO 683/18) C10 C15E4 C15M2 20Cr4 20CrS4 16MnCr5 16MnCrS5 20MnCr5 20MnCrS5
20NiCrMo2 20NiCrMoS2 18CrNiMo7
Non-alloy quenched and tempered steel(ISO 683/18) C18 C20 C20E4 C20M2 C25 C25E4 C25M2 C30 C30E4 C30M2 C35 C35E4 C30M2 C35 C35E4 C35M2 C45 C45E4
C45M2 C50 C50E4 C50M2 C55 C55E4 C55M2 C60 C60E4 C60M2
Quenched and tempered alloy structural steel (ISO 683/18) 28Mn6 36Mn6 42Mn6 34Cr4 34CrS4 37CrS4 41Cr4 41CrS4 25CrMo4 25CrMoS4 34CrMo4 34CrMoS4
42CrMo4 42CrMoS4 50CrMo4 36CrNiMo4 36CrNiMo6 31CrNiMo8 51CrV
Standard Bearing Steel(ISO683/17) 100Cr6 100CrMnSi4-4 100CrMnSi6-4 100CrMo7 100CrMo7-3 100CrMo7-4 100CrMnMoSi8-4-6
20Cr3 20Cr4 20MnCr4-2 17MnCr5 19MnCr5 15CrMo4 20CrMo4 20MnCrMo4-2 20NiCrMo2 20NiCrMo7
18CrNiMo7-6 18NiCrMo14-6 18NiCrMo14-6 16NiCrMo16-5 C56E 56Mn4 70Mn4 43CrMo4 X47Cr14
X65Cr14 X108CrMo17 X89CrMoV18-1 80MoCrV42-16 13MoCrNi42-16-14 X82WMoCrV6-5-4 X75WCrV18-4-1
Construction steel(ISO 1052) Fe 490 Fe 590 Fe 600
High strength low alloy steel bar and steel(ISO 4951/2) E355-CC E355-DD E420-CC E420-DD E460-CC E460-DD
(ISO 4951-3 ) E355-M E355-ML E420-M E420-ML E460-M E460-ML
High yield strength steel hot rolled sheet
(ISO 4996)
HS 355 HS390 HS420 HS460 HS 490
Cold formed wide-plate high strength steel
(ISO 6930-1/2)
FeE315 FeE355 FeE420 FeE460 FeE500 FeE550 FeE600 FeE650 FeE700 FeE260 FeE315 FeE355 FeE420 FeE490 FeE550
High yield strength steel sheet with improved forming performance) 260Y 300Y 340Y 380Y 420Y 490Y 550Y
Hot continuous rolling sheet (Heat Resistant Structural Steel)(ISO 5952) HSA235W HSA245W HSA355W1 HSA355W2 HSA365W
Continuously hot-dip cold rolled lead alloy steel sheet
(ISO 4999)
TO 01 TO 02 TO 03 TO 04 TO 05 TCH 550 TCR220 TCR 220 TCR 250 TCR 250 TCR 320 TCR 320
Cold Rolled Carbon Steel Sheet with continuous tin plating(ISO 5000) 01 02 03 04
Hot rolled sheet steel(ISO 4995) HR235 HR275 HR355
Structural steel sheet
(ISO 4997)
CR220 CR250 CR320 CR550
Steels for pressure vessel use(ISO 9328/2) 10CrMo9-10 12CrMo9-10 12CrMoV12-10 13CrMo 4-5 13CrMoSi5-5 13CrMoV9-10 15NiCuMoNb5-6-4
16Mo3 18MnMo4-5 20MnMoNi4-5 P235GH P265GH P295GH P355GH X10CrMoVNb9-1 X12CrMo5 13CrMo 9-10
13CrMoV12-10 14CrMo4-5 14CrMo9-10 14CrMoSi5-6 14CrMoV9-10 19MnMo 4-5 19MnMo6-5
19MnMoNi5-5 19MnMoNi6-5 PT410GH PT450GH PT480GH X9CrMoVNb9-1
Weldable Fine-grained Steel Plate
(ISO 9328/3)
P275NH P275NL1 P275NL2 P355N P355NH P355NL1 P355NL2 P460NH P460NL1 P460NL2 PT400N PT400NH
PT400NL1 PT440N PT440NH PT440NL1 PT490N PT490NH PT520N PT520NH
Low temperature nickel alloy steel plate
(ISO 9328/4)
11MnNi5-3 12Ni14 13MnNi6-3 15MnNi6 X7Ni9 X8Ni9 X12Ni5 13Ni14 14Ni9 14Ni14 X9Ni5
Controlled rolling steel fine grain steel welding
(ISO 9328/5)
P355M P355ML1 P355ML2 P420M P420ML1 P420ML2 P460M P460ML1 P460ML2 PT440M PT440ML1
PT440ML3 PT490ML1 PT490ML3 PT520M PT520ML1 PT520ML3 PT550M PT550M11
Weldable Fine-grained Steel Plate
(ISO 9328/6)
P355Q P355QH P355QL1 P355QL2 P460QP460QH P460QL1 P460QL2 P500Q P500QH P500QL1 P500QL2
P690Q P690QH P690QL1 P690QL2 PT440QL2 PT490Q PT490QH PT490QL2 PT520Q PT520QH PT520QL2
PT550Q PT550QH PT550QL2 PT570Q PT570QH PT610Q PT610QH
High quality super thick hot rolled coil
(ISO 13976)
HR 185 HR 235 HR 275 HR 295 HR 325 HR 355
Seamless steel pipe at room temperature
(ISO 9329-1)
TS360 TS410 TS430 TS500
Seamless steel tube at high temperature service
(ISO 9329-2)
PH23 PH26 PH29 PH35 8CrMo4-5 8CrMo5-5 9NiMnMoNb5-4-4 11CrMo9-10TA 11CrMo9-10TN-TT
12CrMo6-2 13CrMo4-5 16Mo3 X10CrMoVNb9-1 X11CrMo5TA X11CrMo5TN-TT X11CrMo9-1TA
X11CrMo9-1TN-TT X12CrMoNV11-1-1
Low temperature pressure seamless steel tube
(ISO 9329-3)
PL21 PL22 PL25 PL26 11MnNi5-3 12Ni4 13MnNi6-3 26CrMo4 X10Ni9 X12Ni5
Non alloy steel at room temperature
(ISO 9330-1)
TW320 TW360 TW410 TW430 TW500
High Temperature and Pressure Resistant Seamless Steel Pipe(ISO 9330-2) PH23 PH26 PH27 PH35 11CrMo9-11 13CrMo4-5 16Mo3
Low temperature pressure pipe
(ISO 9330-3)
PL21 PL23 PL25 PL26 11MnNi5-3 13MnNi6-4 12Ni4 X12Ni5
High temperature submerged arc welded pipe
(ISO 9330-4)
PH23 PH26 PH27 PH35 11CrMo9-11 13CrMo4-5 16Mo3
Low temperature submerged arc welded pipe
(ISO 9330-5)
PL21 PL23 PL25 PL26 11MnNi5-3 13MnNi6-4 12Ni4 X12Ni5 X10Ni9
Steel Type and Standard Material or Steel Grade
Carbon Structural Steel & Carbon Manganese Steel
ASTM A29/A29M(2005)
ASTM1005 ASTMA1006 ASTM1008 ASTM1010 ASTM1011 ASTM1012 ASTM1013
ASTM1015 ASTM1016 ASTM1017 ASTM1018 ASTM1019 ASTM1020 ASTM1021
ASTM1022 ASTM1023 ASTM1025 ASTM1026 ASTM1029 ASTM1030 ASTM1034
ASTM1035 ASTM1037 ASTM1038 ASTM1039 ASTM1040 ASTM1042 ASTM1043
ASTM1044 ASTM1045 ASTM1046 ASTM1049 ASTM1050 ASTM1053 ASTM1055
ASTM1059 ASTM1060 ASTM1064 ASTM1065 ASTM1069 ASTM1070 ASTM1071
ASTM1074 ASTM1075 ASTM1078 ASTM1080 ASTM1084 ASTM1086 ASTM1090
ASTM1095 ASTM1513 ASTM1518 ASTM1522 ASTM1524 ASTM1525 ASTM1526
ASTM1527 ASTM1536 ASTM1541 ASTM1547 ASTM1548 ASTM1551 ASTM1552
ASTM1561 ASTM1566 ASTM1572
High Strength Low Alloy Steel ASTMA242 ASTMA529 ASTMA572 ASTMA588 ASTMA606 ASTMA607 ASTMA618
Structural Alloy Steel
SAE J1249(2000)
AISIE2517 AISIA3115 AISIA3120 AISIA3130 AISI3135 AISI3140 AISIA3141
AISIA3150 SAE3215 SAE3220 SAE3230 SAE3240 SAE3245 SAE3250 SAE3310
SAE3312 SAE3316 SAE3325 SAE3335 SAE3340 SAE3415 SAE3435 SAE3450
SAE4012 SAE4017 SAE4023 SAE4024 SAE4027 SAE4028 SAE4032 SAE4037
SAE4047 SAE4063 SAE4068 AISI4118 AISIA4119 AISI4120 AISI4121 AISIA4125
AISI4130 AISITS4130 AISI4131 AISITS4132 AISIE4132 SAE4135 AISITS4135 AISIE4135
AISI4137 AISITS4137 AISIE4137 AISI4140 AISITS4140 AISI4142 AISITS4142 AISI4145
AISI42B45 AISI42B50 SAE43BV12 SAE43BV14 SAE4317 SAE4320 AISI4337 AISIE4337 AISI4340
AISIE4340 SAE4419 SAE4422 SAE4427 SAE4520 SAE4608 SAE46B12 AISI4613 SAE4615 SAE4617
AISIE4617 AISI4618 AISI4620 SAEX4620 AISIE4620 SAE4621 SAE4626 AISIA4640 AISIE4640 AISIE4640 AISI4715 SAE4718
AISI4720 SAE4812 AISI4815 AISI4820 SAE4817 AISI50B15 AISI50B20 AISI50B30 AISI50B35 SAE50B40 SAE50B44 SAE5045
SAE5046 AISI50B46 SAE50B50 AISITS50B50 SAE50B60 AISITS50B60 SAE5060 SAE5115 SAE5117 SAE5120 SAE5130 SAE5132 SAE5135
SAE5140 SAE5145 SAE5147 SAE5150 SAE5152 SAE5155 SAE5160 SAE51B60 SAE5195 SAE6115 SAE6117 SAE6118 SAE6120 SAE6125 SAE6140 SAE6145
SAE6150 AISI6152 SAE6195 SAE7260 AISI80B20 AISI80B25 AISI80B30 AISI80B35 AISI80B40
AISI8150 AISITS8150 AISI81B50 AISI8155 AISITS8155 AISI8160 AISITS8160 AISI8165 AISI8615 AISITS8615 AISI8617 AISITS8617 AISI8620 AISITS8620
ASTM A322(2001) ASTM1330 ASTM1335 ASTM1340 ASTM1345 ASTM4012 ASTM4023 ASTM4024 ASTM4027 ASTM4028 ASTM4032
ASTM4037 ASTM4042 ASTM4047 ASTM4118 ASTM4130 ASTM4135 ASTM4137 ASTM4140 ASTM4142 ASTM4145 ASTM4147 ASTM4150 ASTM4161 ASTM4320 ASTM4340
ASTM4419 ASTM4422 ASTM4427 ASTM4615 ASTM4620 ASTM4621 ASTM4626 ASTM4715 ASTM4718 ASTM4720 ASTM4815 ASTM4817 ASTM4820 ASTM5015 ASTM5046
ASTM5115 ASTM5117 ASTM5120 ASTM5130 ASTM5132 ASTM5135 ASTM5140 ASTM5145 ASTM5147 ASTM5150 ASTM5155 ASTM5160 ASTME50100 ASTME51100 ASTME52100
ASTM6118 ASTM6150 ASTM8115 ASTM8615 ASTM8617 ASTM8620 ASTM8622 ASTM8625 ASTM8630 ASTM8640 ASTM8642 ASTM8645 ASTM8650 ASTM9254 ASTME9310 ASTM8720
SAE J403(2001) SAE1005 SAE1006 SAE1008 SAE1009 SAE1010 SAE1012 SAE1013 SAE1015 SAE1016 SAE1017 SAE1018 SAE1019 SAE1020 SAE1021 SAE1022 SAE1023 SAE1025 SAE1026 SAE1029
SAE1030 SAE1033 SAE1035 SAE1038 SAE1039 SAE1040 SAE1042 SAE1043 SAE1044 SAE1045 SAE1046 SAE1049 SAE1050 SAE1053 SAE1055 SAE1060 SAE1065 SAE1070
SAE1074 SAE1075 SAE1078 SAE1080 SAE1084 SAE1085 SAE1086 SAE1090 SAE1095 SAE1522 SAE1524 SAE1526 SAE1527 SAE1536 SAE1541 SAE1547 SAE1548 SAE1552 SAE1566
Carbon and C-Mo Steel Seamless Pipe for Boiler and Superheater A210 Grade Tl A210Grade Tla A210Grade Tlb A209 Grade A-1 A209 Grade C
Seamless Alloy Steel Pipe for Boiler, Superheater, and Heat Exchanger
ASTM Grade T2 ASTMGrade T5 ASTMGrade T5b ASTMGrade9 ASTMGrade11
Alloy Steel Welded Pipe for Boiler and Heat Exchanger
ASTM A250/A250M(2004)
Grade T1 Grade T1a Grade T1b Grade T2 Grade T11 Grade T12 Grade T22

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