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We mainly provide two kinds of cold rolled precision tubes involving in seamless type and welded type.

1. Seamless product
We have 7 production lines to produce the cold rolled seamless precision tubes including the mill units of one with Φ20, one with Φ30, one with Φ50, one with Φ60, two PQF type with Φ90 and one with Φ180. We can produce the product with its outside diameter, wall thickness and the tolerance ranging from 6 to 325mm, 1 to 25mm and ±0.03 to 0.2mm respectively. The shapes of our product are also diversified with outer cycle and inner hexagon, outer hexagon and inner cycle, hexagon, etc. There are many kinds of steel grades of the product for customers to choose, which are 10, 20, 45, Q345B, 25Mn, 35CrMo (4130), 42CrMo (4140), GCr15, ST35, ST37.4, ST45, ST52.4, ST52, E235, E255, E355, 42CrMo4 and so on.

This kind of product has been largely applied to the areas of aeronautics and astronautics, pharmaceutical machinery, food machinery, automobile, motorcycle, gas spring, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder, motor housing, bearing, jack, air conditioner accessories and so on.

2. Welded product
Steel Grade: 10, 20, 45, Q345B, ST35, ST37.4, ST45, ST52.4, ST52, E235, E255, E355
Standard: GB/T13793-92, GB9947-88, DIN2393/2394, HSTM-A513, JIS-GB445

The production lines for produce the welded precision tube are Φ30 and Φ90 mill units. The dimension range of the product is 18 to 114mm for outside diameter and 1 to 6mm for wall thickness. The tolerance range is from 0.01 to 0.05mm. This kind of product is often used in the areas of automobile and motorcycle fittings, shock absorber, bearing sleeve, furniture accessories, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder, motor casing, fitness equipment, plastic machinery, hydraulic equipment, metal machining, military engineering, diesel engine, air compressor, petrochemical engineering, aeronautics and astronautics, air conditioner, etc.

This series of precision tubes are produced through cold rolling process. Cold rolling is carried out under normal temperature. For there is no temperature rising process, the molding speed is comparatively high and the production output is large too. Compared with the hot rolled product, the cold rolled product has low surface roughness, which shows better visual effect and facilitates the following process of painting. It can also be produced with high precision. But its mechanical properties are not as good as hot rolled product. Customers having high requirements for strength could choose the hot rolled product of our company.

The cold rolled precision tube of our company has welded type and seamless type. The welded type is produced by welding the steel plate with a welding seam on its surface. However, the seamless type is mainly formed through removing the internal material of round solid billet. Its sectional shape is optional. Customers can choose our product according to their actual needs.

We are a specialized cold rolled precision tubes manufacturer based in China. We provide a broad range of products, including cold rolled welded precision tube, seamless fluid pipe, auto parts, and honed tube, among others.

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