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The welded steel pipe is produced through welding the curved and shaped steel plate or strip steel. The production process of the product is simple. Due to the high production efficiency and many kinds of specifications, the development for the product is very fast.

Now, we have 59 longitudinal welded product production lines, 9 spiral welded product production lines, 27 hot dip galvanized product production lines and 1 national accredited laboratory. The designed annual production for product of longitudinal welded type, hot dip galvanized type, spiral welded type and oil casing is 4.3 million tons, 2.2 million tons, 250 thousand tons and 250 thousand tons respectively.

By welding the curved and shaped steel plate, the production method of the welded steel pipe is much simpler than that of seamless product which is produced through removing the interior material of a round solid billet. This production method allows for high production efficiency. But there is welding seam on the surface of the product. The dimension range of our product is wide enough. The maximum outside diameter can be up to 2 to 3m. So, the product is perfect for use in oil and gas transportation with requirement of large diameter.

According to the form of welding seam, the welded steel pipe of our company can be divided into longitudinal welded type and spiral welded type. The welding seam of longitudinal welded product is a straight line. The spiral welding type can avoid possibility of defects that would generate during the longitudinal welding process. The spiral welded product has comparatively high crack resistance capability. But its total length of welding seam is also longer and the production speed is slower. In term of the welding method, the product can be divided into ERW type and SAW type. The ERW has the advantages of short heating time, heat concentrating and small influencing area. The SAW can get the welding seam with fewer impurities.

With the annual production for longitudinal welded product and spiral welded product of 4.3 million tons and 250 thousand tons, we can fully satisfy the customers with the needs in any quantity.

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