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Raw materials and machining parts have favorable cost advantages, especially when they are exported from China to other countries. In the cost analysis for machining parts, the raw material cost accounts for 30-50%, while the machining and processing cost accounts for 50-70%. As a specialized machining parts supplier based in China, we have a complete range of processing machines and technologies. In-house mass production allows us to supply machined parts with cost reduction by 10-30% as compared with domestic or overseas counterparts. Hence, purchasing machining parts from us will enable you to save more than purchasing raw material from China directly.

The company has over 500 sets of equipment including advanced laser cutting machines, machining center, wire cutting machine, horizontal milling and boring machine, planing machine, vertical lathe, radial drilling machine, electric furnace, shot blasting machine, CNC center, milling machine with digital readout, mould grinding machine with digital readout, lathe with digital readout, electrical discharge machine, universal grinding machine, laser welding, WEDM-MS(Medium-speed Wire Cut Electrical Discharge Machine), WEDM-HS(High-speed Wire Cut Electrical Discharge Machine),WEDM-LS(Low-speed Wire Cut Electrical Discharge Machine), external cylindrical grinding machine, internal grinding machine, precision lathe, boring machine, etc.

Meanwhile, we also own a physical and chemical analysis center which is equipped with hydraulic universal testing machine, three-coordinate measuring machine, metallurgical microscope, hardness tester, carbon-sulfur analyzer, etc.

Processing capacities
For producing varied machining parts, we are capable of processing techniques such as welding, punching, lathing, grinding, planning, milling, drilling, inserting, boring, hobbing, galvanization, copper plating, chrome-plating, bluing, blackening, sand blasting, quenching, tempering, normalizing, etc.

Based on the drawings and demands of customers, we use our self-manufactured seamless steel tube for the production of prefabricated fittings. In this way, the customers’ efforts in mechanical machining are saved, the transport cost and the waste of materials in the process of turning are reduced, and the production efficiency is improved.

Product types
The range of products provided by us includes long mandrel, long axis, gear shaft, gear rack, ram, drawbar, spindles, concentric control apparatus, drill collar, oil cylinder, non-magnetic load-bearing drill pipe, deep hole machining products, water-jacket, screw, pushing plate, eccentric shaft, spheric joint, roller, spline shaft, drag bolt, hexagonal shaft, piston rod, collar, hollow shaft, accessories for automobile vibration damper, automobile transmission shaft and automobile oil line system, structural parts for automobiles, the planet carrier assembly of heavy-duty automobile, brake plate assembly, air chamber bracket assembly, axle housing, differential shell, shaft head, accessories for gear wheel, oil pipe collar, tubing collar, etc.

Due to superior quality and considerate sales service, our machining parts enjoy a wide popularity in China. We are also machined parts supplier for Toyota in Japan, as well as Doosan, Hyundai Motor, and Samsung in South Korea. Additionally, our products are exported to America, New Zealand, Vietnam, Turkey, India, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Iran, the Middle East, EU, and North America.

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