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We mainly provide two types of square and rectangular steel tube, which are welded type and seamless type respectively. With the features of high strength, easy jointing, long service life, high resistance to impact and erosion, our product has been applied widely to the areas of car, bus, truck, special automobile, agriculture machinery, high speed train, spaceflight launcher, aviation, shipbuilding, petroleum platform, iron tower, bridge, large scale steel frame, port machinery, textile machinery, power plant, mining, chemistry, etc.

As a leading enterprise in the industry in term of technology, quality and market share, we have established a sales network with wide coverage in dozens of countries. Welcome the customers at home and abroad to consult and purchase our product.

With the cross section of square or rectangle, the square and rectangular steel tube of our company has a wide range of dimension for customers to choose. The interior and exterior surfaces of our product are both smooth and have high surface roughness. The design for the corner of the product also has two styles of right angle and gentle arc. According to the forming type, this series of product includes welded type and seamless type. The welded product is produced through welding. Though the welding seam can be seen on the surface of the product, the production efficiency is high. The seamless product has much nicer exterior appearance for it has no welding seam.

This series of steel tube can be used alone in the fields of construction, railway, furniture, automobile, metallurgy, etc. Meanwhile, it can also be used in conjunction with round steel pipe. By taking usage of high quality steel, the product of our company can keep stability for long-term usage. Customers can feel secure to purchase our product.

Liaocheng Yaxinda Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd. is a specialized square and rectangular steel tube manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as seamless rectangular steel pipe, piston rod, honed tube, and hot rolled seamless steel pipe.

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