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The product of our company has been applied to many famous buildings in China, such as Bird's Nest Stadium, Beijing National Aquatics Center, etc.

Steel Pipe for Oil Field
Steel Pipe for Railway Locomotive
Steel Tube for Petrochemical Industry
Steel Tube for Automobile
Steel Pipe for Aerospace
Steel Tube for Ship
Steel Tube for Boiler
Steel Pipe for Boiler 1
Steel Tube for Boiler 2
Steel Tube for Boiler 3
Steel Tube for Boiler 4
Gas Cylinder Tube
Gas Cylinder Tube 1
Hydraulic Prop Tube
Hydraulic Prop Tube 1
Oil Field Pipe
Oil Field Tube 1
Oil Field Pipe 2

Cooperative Enterprises and Product Sizes

No. Name Size (mm)
01 Three Gorges Project φ219-φ1020
02 Bayan Nur φ219-φ820×6-8, φ1020×10
03 Suyuan Electric Power, Oil and Pipeline Engineering φ219-φ630
04 Shougang Group φ219×7-8- φ1020×10
05 Dezhou Thermal Engineering of Hualu Hengsheng Group φ219-φ529×7-8
06 Extension Project of Sinopec Group Yanshan Branch φ219-φ820×6-10
07 Zhoucun Thermoelectric Corporation φ219-φ529
08 Zhaoyuan Thermoelectric Corporation φ219-φ1020
09 Zhongyuan Natural Gas Corporation φ219-φ529
10 Beijing Gas Group φ325, φ630-φ820
11 Ordos Wulan Coal Group φ219-φ529×6-7
12 Juwang Guanye Co., Ltd. φ219-φ820×6-8
13 Dongfang Thermoelectric Group φ529×8
14 Hebei Natural Gas Group φ219-φ630
15 ENN Energy Holdings Limited φ219×10
16 Hengtai Thermoelectric Corporation φ325-φ1020×7-8
17 Tianjin Heat Supply Group φ219-φ1020
18 Guiyang Gas Company φ219, φ325×7, φ426×8
19 Zibo Guangxin Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. φ219-φ1220
20 Xinhui Material Corporation φ219-φ1220
21 Tongcheng Steel Pipe Material Co., Ltd. φ273-φ820
22 Langfang Thermoelectric Corporation φ273-φ529×6-8
23 Donghe District New Building Material Sales Agency φ273-φ820×6-10
24 Wanjie Group φ219-φ520×6-8
25 Jiaonan Cogeneration Power Plant φ219-φ820×6-8
26 China Oil and Gas Allied Company φ1020×10
27 Sewage Treatment for Beijing Airport φ720-φ920
28 Deqiang Heating Power Co., Ltd. φ219-φ1020×6-10
29 Reconstruction Project of Xuzhou Thermoelectric Plant φ273-φ920×6-8
30 Dezhou Thermal Power Plant φ219-φ529×6-10
31 Northwest Power Construction Co., Ltd. φ219-φ1620×10
32 Laoshan Bangde Heat Insulation Material Plant φ219-φ920×7-8
33 Handan Hardware and Electrical Chemical Engineering Company φ219-φ820×6-9
34 Tianjin Pipeline Engineering Group φ219, φ325-φ630×6-7, φ1020×10
35 Huiquan Group φ219-φ1020×6-10
36 Haoquan Material Company φ219-φ720×6-8
37 China National Chemical Construction Corporation (Exportation for Iran) φ325-φ529×6-8
38 China Railway 18 Bureau Group Co., Ltd. φ219-φ478×6, φ720×8, φ820×10
39 Rizhao Heat Power Company φ219-φ478×6-8, φ720×8
40 Ganghua Material Co., Ltd. φ219-φ1020
41 Jianglin Material Co., Ltd. φ219-φ529×6-7
42 Fujian Province Water Supply Corporation φ630×10
43 Zhengzhou Thermal Power Branch φ219-φ920
44 Shanghai Jutao Industrial Company Limited φ1020×10
45 Guanglai Material Corporation φ273-φ920
46 Chaoran Trading Company φ219-φ630×6-10
47 Suzhou Industrial Park φ219-φ426×6-7
48 Tanggu Gas Company φ325×6-φ529×8
49 North China Power Engineering φ478×8, φ325×9
50 Weilitong Pipeline Engineering φ325×6-8, φ529×8-10
51 Linzi Thermal Power Corporation φ377, φ529, φ820×6-10
52 Petro China Daqing Oil Field φ339.72×9.65×11
53 Jinye Natural Gas Company φ219-φ273×6-7
54 Jinghua Natural Gas Company φ159×5
55 Linzhou City Gas Company φ219×5.5-7
56 Tongbao Gas Co., Ltd. φ406.7×7-14
57 Tianjin Municipal Corporation φ600-φ1420×8-12
58 Yuanhe Oil Equipment Co., Ltd. φ245×8
59 Shandong Province Yanggu Xiangguang Thermal Power Plant φ630×9
60 China Huafu Engineering Group Tianjin Branch φ630×8, φ325×7
61 The Third Construction Company of Tianjin Construction Group φ600×16
62 Cangzhou City Jinxinglei Metal Material Co., Ltd. φ325×14
63 Linggang Economical Trade Co., Ltd. φ328×8
64 Sinohydro Bureau Co., Ltd. φ720×12
65 Sichuan Sinopower Gas Co., Ltd. φ325×10
66 Ruizhao Pengxin Material Co., Ltd. φ377×12
67 China Aluminium Corporation Shandong Branch φ630×10
68 Xingtai Material Trade Co., Ltd. φ720×9, φ1020×9
69 Wuhan Meixin Material Co., Ltd. φ325×10
70 Sifang Zhengda Anticorrosive and Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd. φ1020×10
71 Dagang District Heshun Construction Co., Ltd. φ219-φ1020×6-12
72 Wuhan Gangdu Material Co., Ltd. φ325×10
73 Shandong Chemical Engineering Incorporated Company φ529×8
74 Hebei Wenfeng Iron and Steel Material Co., Ltd. φ630×10
75 Iran SSACO Project φ426×8, φ377×9, φ1020×12, φ630×10, φ478×8, φ630×6
76 Water Conservancy Project in Pakistan φ1220×14, φ1220×16, φ1220×18, φ1220×20
77 Indonesia BESMINDO PCN ERW φ219.1×8.1
78 Sinohydro Construction Group in Algeria φ1520×12, φ1420×12

Liaocheng Yaxinda Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd. is a professional seamless steel pipe manufacturer based in China. Our products include hot rolled seamless steel pipe, cold drawn seamless steel pipe, honed tube, cold rolled precision tubes, and more.

Main Products
  • Custom Shaped Cold Drawn Seamless TubeThe custom shaped cold drawn seamless tube is widely used in a variety of structure, tool and mechanical part. Compared with round steel pipe, it generally has larger moment of inertia, section modulus and the strength of bending and torsion, which can reduce the structural weight and save steel largely.
    Steel Grade: 10, 20, 16Mn, Q345B, S355JR, ASTM A106 GR.B, API5L GR.B, ASME A53B ...
  • Cold Drawn Seamless Boiler TubeThe cold drawn seamless boiler tube is particularly suitable for manufacturing steam boiler, pipeline and other appliances with high and above pressure. The product with other steel grade can also be provided after consulting.
    Outside Diameter: 10-530 mm
    Wall Thickness: 1.3-100 mm ...